Comments Policy

I have shamelessly stolen slabs of this from AusOpinion where I was a contributing author.

The basic rule-of-thumb regarding profanity is to keep it at the same level I do on the post you’re reading.

Things I’d really rather not see include:

  • Advertisements – don’t bring that crud here;
  • Flames/Threats/Trolling – personal attacks on other commentors, on me, insults, things posted with intent to rile others up, and so on;
  • Off-topic general political remarks (such as denunciations of political parties, ideologies or politicians not mentioned in the post);
  • Vexatious comments;
  • Excessively frequent comments, where the effect of such comments is to discourage the participation of others or turn a debate around into one about themselves;
  • Excessively long comments, which break up the give and take of discourse. Please post such things on your own blog and post a summary in comments with a link to your own post. Rule of thumb: think hard before adding a fourth paragraph to your comment – rewrite it for brevity and clarity;
  • Imputing ideas or motives to others or stereotyping them because of perceived group membership or ideological affiliation;
  • Consistently repeated and aggressively stated opinions which fail to engage with others is regarded as a form of trolling;
  • Comments which are designed to derail threads; and
  • Comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise just hateful crap.

What does that mean? I welcome debate and discussion, but if you want to sit at the table, I expect you to be an adult. Keep your comments civil, on-topic (within the bounds of normal conversation), and don’t come in preaching that God Hates Fags. Yes, we can discuss controversial topics, such as transgender children, but don’t be a rude fuckwit. If you can’t behave like an adult, fuck off.

If gratuitious use of the word “fuck” annoys you, or makes you think less of me, fuck off; it’s not offensive in this country.

Comments close on all posts after a certain amount of time – usually three weeks. Let the dead lie in peace.


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