The Merry Mods of Stellaris

This one is for @davispg.

Stellaris is an awesome game, and like all Paradox Grand Strategy games, it will consume your free time. What even is sleep?

But there are gaps; and those gaps are filled by mods. So, without further ado, here are the mods I use, and why:

Please note; all mods listed here are 1.1 compatible, and are available on the Steam workshop.

More Events Mod

Because the mid- to late-game needs more events to spice things up.

Enhanced Terraforming

So you’re telling me I can warp the very nature of reality, but can’t make Mars habitable? That’s ridiculous.

More Anomalies

It adds a few nice little anomalies for a bit of variety.

Expanded Core Worlds

The Sector AI is fucking retarded. I can’t be nice about this. There’s no other way to describe an AI that destroys unique irreplaceable buildings to construct level 1 farms on a planet populated entirely by robots who don’t eat. This helps mitigate that, by upping the cap on the core worlds from 5 – but you have to research the tech needed to get these.

Stone’s Politics Xpansion

The flavour this adds is delicious; more governments! More politics! #MakeSpaceGreatAgain!

Military Power Fix

The mod maker is right; Paradox Math is bloody special, and the estimates are wildly off. This fixes that.

Remove Stranded Foreign Stations

A simple solution to a post-war problem; you annex territory, but if you didn’t blow up the enemy stations during the war, too bad. Seriously? It’s my system; I own it, and have a spacefleet capable of turning your worlds to slag. If I serve you with an eviction notice, you get the fuck out.

Reduce Aura Graphics

There’s too much aura flare. This reduces it.

Planetary Rally Points

There is a missing feature; the ability to tell your constructed fleets to converge on a certain location. This fixes that.

Better Empire Names

Again, I just agree with the rationale; it’s silly for a multi-species republic to call itself “the Human Union”.

No Outpost Influence Maintenance

Because influence accumulates so slowly, and the outposts are needed. But it doesn’t remove the cost of building them – so you still have to get that.

Fixed Vassal Opinions

Again, Paradox Math is special. If I’m nine hundred times as powerful as my vassal, that shouldn’t cause a negative opinion.

SMAC Flags (Alpha Centauri)

Because Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri is fantastic; take your faction into space!

48 Empire Colors [Ironman Achievement Compatible]

Just a nice thing to allow a bit more variation in the flags and hues.

I’m always on the lookout for more to enhance and add to my game – so if you find some and want to recommend them, or have authored one yourself, let me know.