This is just a transcript of the Guardian’s Australia Politics Live blog, by Katharine Murphy.

The order is reversed; the Guardian blog displays it youngest at the top, oldest at the bottom. This is the other way around.

Here is a link to the text of the “hours” motion mentioned below.

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3h ago 12:37


In the red room, the government has brought forward the hours motion. The shouting is already underway because the government is moving that the question be put. No debate.

Labor’s senate leader, Penny Wong:

This is the parliament of Australia, it is not a dictatorship. They will not even allow a debate.


2h ago 12:41


The Greens are voting with the government to gag debate on the hours motion. We’d love to show you a picture of that but we can’t. The Senators don’t like having their pictures taken


2h ago 12:47


Ricky Muir is on his feet now. He’s attempting to suspend the standing orders. Muir is pulled up by the president. You’ll have to rephrase that, Stephen Parry says.

Muir is not entirely sure about procedure. He gets there in the end. Leave is not granted for Muir to make a statement.

Muir is still not entirely sure how to proceed.

Can I suspend standing orders now?


2h ago 12:52


Ok, we are proceeding with the suspension. Muir is criticising the government and the Greens for not allowing the debate on the ABCC to proceed. He’s also launching a commentary on Senate voting reform.

Ricky Muir:

The problem is not the cross bench. Only a handful of bills have been rejected. By getting rid of a diverse senate, and wedging the Greens in a position of power, have fun!

That’s enough for the government Senate leader, George Brandis. He’s moved the gag.


2h ago 13:03


The Senate is still working through the various procedures to shut down Muir.

While there’s five seconds, I can note this foray on voting reform is a big gamble for the Greens leader Richard Di Natale. It is a supreme act of political pragmatism to vote with the government to shut down debate in the parliament. It tells you a lot about the Greens leader – he’s in politics for verbs, he wants outcomes. He’s not in the party of protest style of Green.

But there’s a bunch of big calls being made here that will either pay off or not. If it pays off Di Natale will entrench the Greens in more or less permanent balance of power in the Australian senate, and use that as a base to take the Greens to their next phase in Australian political history. Or he’ll get walloped. Impossible to tell right now which of the two will happen.


2h ago 13:12


In the Senate, LDP senator David Leyonhjelm is on his feet attempting to bring on consideration of the Greens bill on marriage equality. Let’s avoid a divisive and expensive plebiscite, he says, and legislate, like grown ups. Let’s avoid a situation where Australians are asked to vote on somebody else’s rights.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale responds in the debate. He says the Greens want this issue discussed on Thursday. He says there is no more fervent supporter of marriage equality than the Australian Greens. Di Natale says the Greens have been consistent on this issue, they haven’t sniffed the political winds.

Richard Di Natale:

The question is now for you Senator Wong. Will you, through your actions, through a vote on Thursday … implement a democratic reform?

Are you playing wedge politics with an issue?

Penny Wong takes a point of order. She says if she’s not going to keep being gagged, she’d like a right of reply.

Richard Di Natale, continuing:

If they [Labor] are not prepared to do that, these are crocodile tears!

The government is pushing this through. Wong is ropable. She’s roaring her head off down there.


2h ago 13:14


Penny Wong, to Di Natale, at ear shattering volume.

You don’t even have the courage to let me speak!

2h ago 13:26


In the Senate, Queenslander Glenn Lazarus is now proceeding with his procedural derailment. The government is attempting to shut this down quick sticks.


2h ago 13:29


Senate president Stephen Parry, penny clearly dropping.

If I was allow this to continue, it could go on all day.

(Yes, quite.)


2h ago 13:32


His concerns about filibustering notwithstanding, Parry waves Lazarus through. Lazarus wants to talk about coal seam gas. Hairless animals. Children with nosebleeds.

Distracted, interjecting across the chamber, Glenn Lazarus:

Hey, you got 500 votes!


1h ago 13:48


Labor’s senate leader is on her feet with a short summation of the morning’s proceedings. Penny Wong has been granted a five minute statement.

Wong says it’s a pretty extraordinary day when the Greens vote with Cory Bernardi against the senate considering marriage equality. What happened to the party’s mantra on marriage equality ..

Every Green, every vote, every time.

Except today.

Today we are voting with senator Bernardi.

You might want to interject but everyone knows what you’ve done today.

Wong says pushing off the debate to private senators’ time would mean the issue gets one hour’s consideration on Thursday. No vote. Today, we could have forced a vote, Wong says. Where is your backbone? Wong wonders. Where is Greens leadership?